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Oct 16 AT 10:57 AM Taylor Wimberly 83 Comments

Microsoft opens preorders for Surface RT tablets, not quite what we hoped for

Everyone knows this is a blog dedicated to all things Android, but some might be surprised to learn that the majority of our visitors come from Windows devices. Over the last 30 days, we have seen 52% visits from Windows, 30% from Android, 8% from Mac, and 5% from iOS. For this very reason, we ... Read More »


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May 20 AT 2:48 PM Sean Riley 11 Comments

Motorola devices could face US importation ban following ITC ruling on Microsoft patent

Hot on the heels of US customs imposing an International Trade Commission ban on select HTC devices we have yet another exclusion order from the ITC, but this time around it’s Microsoft winning their patent claim against Motorola.

The patent in question dates back to 1998 and relates to scheduling a meeting with ... Read More »

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Mar 26 AT 9:35 AM Anthony Domanico 75 Comments

Windows Phone smoked by Galaxy Nexus, Microsoft initially denies prize then makes it right

Sahas Katta, a blogger for Skatter Tech, recently took his Galaxy Nexus into a Microsoft Store to partake in the “Smoked by Windows Phone” challenge. Smoked by Windows Phone is Microsoft’s marketing campaign launched at CES that claims Windows Phone can do many basic things faster than its iOS and Android counterparts. Microsoft ... Read More »

windows store Image via: Directions on Microsoft