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Apr 16 AT 10:45 AM Taylor Wimberly 39 Comments

Eric Schmidt teases Motorola’s upcoming “phenomenal” phones plus other devices

Google’s Eric Schmidt appeared on-stage at today’s Dive Into Mobile conference, and he hinted Motorola’s upcoming wave of devices. When asked about Motorola’s new set of products, Schmidt said, “[They] are phenomenal. Wait and see for this next generation of technology, it’s very impressive.” Specific details about any new products were withheld, but Schmidt hinted ... Read More »

Mar 20 AT 2:38 PM Dustin Earley 31 Comments

Motorola’s Guy Kawasaki is either teasing the X Phone, or totally messing with us

Now that the HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S 4 have been revealed, everyone’s attention has turned to the fabled Motorola X Phone. Rumors on the X Phone have been swirling for months now, with new information coming out weekly. The latest big rumor on the X Phone, from our own Taylor Wimberly, points towards ... Read More »


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Mar 15 AT 3:44 PM Dustin Earley 71 Comments

Big does not equal premium

Something has been really bothering me lately. You know those nights, when you’re trying to fall asleep, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t get comfortable? That’s the relationship I have with my phone, a Nexus 4. No matter what I do, I feel like I can’t settle in with it. Because size ... Read More »

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Feb 26 AT 3:16 AM Dustin Earley 56 Comments

Google’s biggest supporter, Samsung, could be its worst enemy

With the popularity of the iPhone, carriers found themselves in a tight spot. Don’t carry the iPhone, and miss out on thousands, possibly millions, of activations every year. Carry the iPhone, and bend to the will of Apple. Google may soon find themselves in a similar situation, in the spot of the carrier, with Samsung ... Read More »

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