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Sep 05 AT 1:25 PM Dima Aryeh 7 Comments

Tegra Tab specs reveal Tegra 4, stylus

When the Nexus 7 2013 was launched, Google decided to go with a Qualcomm processor instead of sticking with NVIDIA’s Tegra platform. Whether it was a mistake or not is a discussion for another day, but NVIDIA had to do something to promote its Tegra 4 processor for various devices. Part of that effort manifested ... Read More »

Tegra Tab 8
Jul 31 AT 11:58 AM Nick Gray 25 Comments

HP SlateBook x2 to launch in August for $479 – set to outclass the competition

Without a whole lot of hoopla, HP has unveiled its second entry into the Android space – the HP SlateBook x2. Unlike the HP Slate 7 which features mediocre specs and design materials, the HP SlateBook x2 comes packed with top-notch internals and a sleek design. Rather than creating a run of the mill Android ... Read More »

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