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May 23 AT 2:16 PM Dima Aryeh 11 Comments

NVIDIA giving up on smartphones unless something special comes around

NVIDIA hasn’t had the best of luck with when it comes to the adoption of its newest processors. Despite making solid mobile chips (aside from the Tegra 2, that was terrible), most companies don’t want to use NVIDIA’s hardware in their devices. Qualcomm processors are more popular and probably cheaper to use.

Instead of continuing to push for ... Read More »

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Jan 06 AT 9:57 AM Nick Gray 8 Comments

Hands on with the NVIDIA Tegra K1

The new 192 core Tegra K1 processor is bringing desktop computing power to mobile devices. And, in doing so, solves a serious problem game developers are facing. Modern games are cinematic, but mobile devices currently don’t have enough power to reproduce what the developers envision. Developers have the option of reducing production value or delivering ... Read More »

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