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Sep 20 AT 1:31 PM Dima Aryeh 11 Comments

Oppo releases trailer for N1, features Cyanogen

Oppo, the company behind the Find 5 Android smartphone, has been teasing its new N1 for quite a while. The company released some humorous ads about the rear touch panel a while ago, which not only got me excited for the product, but also made me like Oppo as a company far more. But their ... Read More »

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Apr 29 AT 6:39 PM Taylor Wimberly 18 Comments

Oppo Find 5 unboxing

If you are obsessed with unlocked devices and frequent Android updates, then the Oppo Find 5 might be the smartphone of your dreams. This unlocked Android device works on AT&T and T-Mobile, and the manufacturer promises to push out over-the-air updates every two weeks. We just received the new black Oppo Find 5, ... Read More »