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Jun 28 AT 11:08 AM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Qualcomm announces new fingerprint sensors that work under glass

Today Qualcomm officially announced three brand new fingerprint sensors that work with the more demanding smartphone design of today’s market, as devices go for bezel-less designs.

All three new fingerprint sensors will work on waterproof-designed handsets, with each of the new sensors also detecting heartbeats and blood flow, which will make on-screen gestures much easier. Each of ... Read More »

Jan 04 AT 1:30 PM Evan Selleck 0 Comments

Swarovski teases Android Wear smartwatch

Traditional watchmakers haven’t been shy when it comes to releasing smartwatches these days, and it looks like Swarovski is ready to get into the market, too.

Swarovski has officially teased a brand new partnership with Qualcomm and Google to launch an Android Wear-based smartwatch. The company isn’t opening up about the details of the watch just yet, but ... Read More »

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