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Jul 16 AT 2:46 PM Dima Aryeh 4 Comments

Qualcomm outsourcing manufacturing of new 14nm processors to Samsung

Despite the fact that it makes its own processors, Samsung has long depended on Qualcomm┬ábecause its┬áprocessors have historically been the only ones with LTE on the chip itself, a necessity for markets like the US. And while Samsung Exynos processors are nice, the lack of LTE is their downfall. However, Samsung’s relationship with Qualcomm will ... Read More »

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Camera

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Mar 10 AT 7:03 PM Dima Aryeh 25 Comments

Always listening mode enabled on Nexus 5, unfortunately unreleasable

The Motorola X8 chip isn’t the only one with always listening capabilities. Qualcomm decided to include a similar “core” in the Snapdragon 800, touting its always listening capabilities before its release. However, we haven’t heard anything about it since. Either Qualcomm has not given permission to manufacturers to use this core, or manufacturers have just ... Read More »

Moto X Touchless Control