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Sep 13 AT 2:30 PM Edgar Cervantes 13 Comments

Video: Sony Walkman Z – the way Sony Ericsson devices should be

If you haven’t been a big fan of Sony Ericsson‘s Xperia devices, this device might make you yearn for your Walkman roots. While Xperia devices have improved substantially since last year, there’s still a little something they lack. People are more prone to like other manufacturers, even if the performance is ... Read More »

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Aug 03 AT 1:45 PM Clark Wimberly 864 Comments

Midweek Madness: Win a custom G2x

We have a winner, check the end of the post for updates

We’ve been meaning to give this guy away for a while now, but pesky things like work and travel kept getting in the way during our Wednesdays. We’ve finally found an average-to-slow Wednesday and that of course means one thing: MIDWEEK MADESS!