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Feb 24 AT 8:58 AM Anthony Domanico 12 Comments

Acer bringing the entry-level Liquid Glow to Barcelona, complete with Android 4.0

With all the phones being given the unveiling treatment ahead of Mobile World Congress, it’s amazing that people actually bother to go to the show! Today’s early sneak peek comes from Acer, a computer company which has recently dabbled in Android tablets, who is now unveiling their second entry into the crowded Android ... Read More »

liquid glow Image via: Pocket Lint
Jan 12 AT 10:57 AM Anthony Domanico 28 Comments

Microsoft inks patent agreement deal with LG, now makes money on 70% of Android devices

Microsoft has added LG to its list of Android handset makers it makes money off of. Microsoft has inked a patent agreement deal with LG that will have LG pay Microsoft a small fee for every LG Android (and Chromebook) device sold.

Microsoft’s latest deal brings their total up to a massive 70% of Android ... Read More »

lego-lawyer-gun-briefcase Image via: pasukaru76 with Creative Commons