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Sep 09 AT 12:00 PM Dima Aryeh 15 Comments

Motorola wants you to get rid of your lazy phone

No matter our thoughts on the Moto X (and I know many of you feel very strongly about the device), it’s an innovative device with some pretty cool software features. Touchless control, active control and quick capture  are novel features. But exactly how useful are they in the real world? Motorola’s new advertising campaign attempts ... Read More »

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Jul 13 AT 12:14 PM Edgar Cervantes 42 Comments

Video/Poll: Sprint claims to have best unlimited plan with creative “chart” commercial

The battle of the prices, minutes and data is endless, and the carrier competition is fierce. While some carriers have better prices, others have better services. And some have your favorite devices. You may have seen Sprint’s new T.V. commercial lately. This video is not yet available directly from Sprint online, but we have found ... Read More »