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Feb 11 AT 4:30 PM Dustin Earley 21 Comments

Video: Google and Nexus 4 help you live in the Now

If you were watching the Grammys last night and paying attention to the commercials, you may have noticed a spot from Google showing off the Nexus 4, and the power of Google Now. Now available for viewing on the official Google Nexus YouTube account, the latest advertisement for Google Now is easily the best to ... Read More »

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Nov 05 AT 7:08 PM Dustin Earley 28 Comments

Google’s Aquarium commercial dives into Nexus 7

With Google’s last two Nexus 7 commercials, the company notorious for lackluster advertising hit it out of the park. Both their “Camping” and “Curious” commercials featured heartwarming stories that put Nexus 7 right in the middle of the action. Today’s yet-to-be officially revealed “Aquarium” commercial (it’s set to private on the Google Nexus YouTube account) ... Read More »

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Mar 23 AT 3:08 PM Dustin Earley 62 Comments

Google wants to monitor your phone calls’ background noise to better serve you ads

Google is no stranger to collecting your information in order to better serve you advertisements, but if a recently filed patent ever comes to life, the company will be taking it to the next level.

Google has made a fortune out of organizing information. They’ve created algorithms and catalogued the Internet. They’ve taken pictures all ... Read More »