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Sep 30 AT 11:36 AM Nick Gray 29 Comments

Speed Tests: Benchmarking the Android browsers

With an open ecosystem and unrestricted market, consumers always benefit by having the option to choose which product they want to use.  One of the best examples of this is the number of web browsers available to consumers on the Android Market.  Yes, many of them have unique features that give each of them a ... Read More »

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May 08 AT 11:16 PM Anthony Domanico 66 Comments

Dolphin Browser HD arrives for Android 2.0+ users

Good news for you Android 2.0+ users. A new version of the popular Dolphin Browser, named Dolphin Browser HD, has just been released on the Android Market. Dolphin HD boasts some pretty awesome enhancements including multiple tab viewing, full multi-touch gestures,  a thumbnail “flick” menu, gesture based search and URLs, YouTube downloader, and browser extensions.

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