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Dec 20 AT 5:15 PM Dustin Earley 67 Comments

November Millennial data shows Android losing market share… to RIM?

Millennial’s monthly MobileMix report has come out today, detailing the marketshare of smartphone operating systems, manufacturers and individual phones for the month of November, 2011, ranked by ad impressions served. There’s some very interesting numbers in all three categories, including a loss of the pie for Android and a gain for BlackBerry and Research In ... Read More »

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Dec 19 AT 4:12 PM Dustin Earley 35 Comments

Kindle Fire Utility is your one-stop shop for Kindle Fire hacks

Hacking and modding development behind the Kindle Fire has been slowly but surely picking up ever since the device was first released. It’s no surprise that there are already a multitude of hacks and mods available, Amazon made it clear that they know the Kindle Fire will be rooted and that developers will have their ... Read More »


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