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Jun 27 AT 4:32 PM Nick Sarafolean 13 Comments

Android L Developer Preview first impressions

Android has always been the most adventurous mobile operating system. It’s constantly evolving and Google is always changing different aspects of it. This year’s release of Android L includes one of the biggest overhauls to the OS that we’ve ever seen. Everything from the runtime to the design scheme is changing. With all of those changes, Google ... Read More »

Android L Preview Nexus 7 (JPG, Resized)
Jun 25 AT 12:37 PM Nick Sarafolean 10 Comments

Android L Developer Preview gives a look at the next version of Android

Rumors have been going haywire about the next version of Android, and now Google is giving us a look at it. Currently codenamed Android L, this next version of Android is the biggest overhaul of Android to date. Not only is it a huge change behind the curtain, with over 5,000 new APIs, but it’s ... Read More »

Android L Preview

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Dec 03 AT 3:59 PM Dustin Earley 211 Comments

Cutesy cartoon lends credibility to Android Key Lime Pie

Key Lime Pie has been generally accepted as the name for the next big Android update, likely due out this summer. But we’ve yet to see any official confirmation of the name. The comic that’s popping up everywhere today is certainly not the official confirmation we’re waiting for, but since it was drawn by a ... Read More »

Key lime pie evolution Image via: Manu Cornet with Creative Commons