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Jun 11 AT 9:00 AM Anthony Domanico 17 Comments

Rubin: Android activations reach 900,000 per day

Taking to Twitter, Google’s Andy Rubin announced that there are 900,000 Android devices activated every day. That’s 328.5 million devices activated every year, nearly the total population of the United States. Clearly Android is continuing to grow at impressive rates, and we should expect to see that number creep ever closer to 1,000,000 ... Read More »


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Feb 24 AT 3:00 PM Nick Gray 17 Comments

Video: Global Android Activations – Visualized

Over the past two years we’ve shared countless numbers, charts, and graphs which gave a clear picture of Android staggering growth.  For a while Google’s been touting their daily new handset activation numbers, but numbers along are pretty hard to visualize.  In an attempt to give us a better idea of what those numbers really ... Read More »