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Oct 09 AT 11:15 AM Dustin Earley 14 Comments

App.net Android client shootout

There are a lot of social networks out there. And I do mean a lot. Besides Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, there’s Tent.io, Identi.ca, Heello, Pinterest, Geeklist; the list goes on and on. It takes something special to stand out from the crowd these days. Enter: App.net, the micro-blogging, “real-time social feed without ... Read More »

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Sep 27 AT 3:13 PM Dustin Earley 20 Comments

Google’s Field Trip app is your always-on virtual guide to the world around you

In Google’s vision of the future, your phone is your guide to the physical world around you. Information should auto-populate your device based on where you are, and what you’re doing. Google Now is the perfect example of how this philosophy can be implemented to boost productivity, while Niantic Lab’s new Field Trip application shows ... Read More »

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