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Mar 21 AT 3:30 PM Dustin Earley 20 Comments

Google Play 4.0 hands-on

Google has committed to the Holo design guidelines for all things Android, and is constantly working on tweaking and improving apps and services within those guidelines. One could argue that already, the next evolution of Holo is being established right before our very eyes. Post-Google Now Holo has a distinct look over the Holo introduced ... Read More »

Mar 08 AT 5:10 PM Dustin Earley 20 Comments

Transform your home screen with Action Launcher Pro

I’ll never forget when ADW Launcher was first released. Discovering the power that a replacement launcher could have on Android was exciting. From themes and gestures, to action icons and in-depth widget customization, using a custom launcher like ADW felt like using a totally different OS at times. It seemed like every week, home screen ... Read More »

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Oct 09 AT 11:15 AM Dustin Earley 14 Comments

App.net Android client shootout

There are a lot of social networks out there. And I do mean a lot. Besides Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and Instagram, there’s Tent.io, Identi.ca, Heello, Pinterest, Geeklist; the list goes on and on. It takes something special to stand out from the crowd these days. Enter: App.net, the micro-blogging, “real-time social feed without ... Read More »

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