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Nov 22 AT 7:21 PM Edgar Cervantes 100 Comments

Video: Samsung asks Apple fans – Why don’t you guys just get 4G phones?

We have all seen those long lines at Apple stores during product launches. People camp out there for long hours and days to get what many (especially Android fans) believe to be a trivial update of the iPhone 4. Whether it is due to brand loyalty, the ethos, or actual preference, Apple fans simply tend ... Read More »

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Aug 16 AT 12:56 PM Edgar Cervantes 96 Comments

Android vs. iOS: Stereotypes and lifestyles

Though it’s best to try and not make judgements based on device preference, we cannot help but see certain stereotypes pop up. The Android vs iOS war does not only involve phones, apps, UIs and technology; we’ve also seen people mention stereotypes dealing with income, personality, social status and many other factors attached to a ... Read More »