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Nov 23 AT 11:09 AM Taylor Wimberly 61 Comments

Nexus 4 has working LTE

The Nexus 4 is the hottest Android phone, but many people wish it had support for 4G LTE. Andy Rubin told The Verge that the lack of LTE was a “tactical issue,” but now it appears the Nexus 4 has hidden support for LTE, and it’s already working in some countries.

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Mar 03 AT 12:13 PM Taylor Wimberly 199 Comments

Rumor: Google’s $199 “Nexus tablet” to be made by ASUS, include quad-core Tegra 3

Recently there’s been rumblings that Google will release a 7-inch “Nexus tablet” in the first half of 2012, but many have doubted that Google would actually enter the hardware business. Several people have rightfully pointed out that Google traditionally partners with an OEM on these “Google Experience Devices”, just like they did with ... Read More »