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Dec 13 AT 12:25 PM Sean Riley 23 Comments

Rovio continues to test new ad models with pregame videos in Angry Birds

Angry Birds arrived on Android just two months ago and has already been downloaded over 7 million times (probably over 10 million after the release of Angry Birds Seasons). This is certainly due in part to the app being free in the Android Market, but crisp graphics and addictive gameplay play a significant ... Read More »

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Nov 22 AT 3:36 PM Clark Wimberly 4 Comments

Tab video: Playing games

One of the main reasons I was excited to get my hands on a Samsung Galaxy Tab was simple: I wanted to play my favorites games on a bigass screen.

And it was pretty cool. For the most part. While a ton of my favorite games played and looked great, it seemed like plenty more ... Read More »