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Mar 25 AT 4:48 PM Dima Aryeh 7 Comments

OnePlus announces launch date for the One, coming on April 23

We knew that the OnePlus One would launch sometime in the second quarter of 2014, but we didn’t expect it to be so soon. The high spec, low price, CyanogenMod-powered handset has quite a few people excited, and they should start preparing for the official launch of the device. According to OnePlus, the One will ... Read More »

OnePlus One release date

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Aug 07 AT 10:47 AM Nick Sarafolean 15 Comments

LG G2 officially announced

After months of leaks and teases by LG, the LG G2 has just received its official announcement at an LG event in New York. The G2 boasts some of the most powerful specs that we’ve seen to date. It also has some interesting little features and tweaks around it. Let’s take a look at the ... Read More »