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Sep 04 AT 11:37 AM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Google Glass app store coming in 2014

With any new product comes risks. Google Glass is an always-on camera that’s ready to take a photo wherever you are. Because it’s wearable, it can be used in private places. Which makes it a privacy concern. Not so much because it can invade our privacy (many devices easily can), but because it’s new and ... Read More »

Aug 14 AT 2:31 PM Dustin Earley 16 Comments

EA’s Origin coming to Android

Today game developer EA announced that their answer to digital distribution stores, Origin, will be expanding onto more platforms in the coming year. New additions include a long awaited Android client.

In the age of the all-important ecosystem, digital storefronts are all the rage. Sucking customers in and getting them to stay is the ... Read More »

May 05 AT 10:33 AM Alberto Vildosola 17 Comments

Android Market bound to have more apps than the App Store in the next few months

Just yesterday we reported on Android’s stunning growth, well that was yesterday. Today, we have yet another indication that Android is headed towards inevitable world domination. Research firms Distimo and research2guidance, have both released reports predicting that the Android Market will overtake Apple’s App Store in the number of apps, ... Read More »