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May 04 AT 11:38 PM Anthony Domanico 45 Comments

An in-depth look at the official Twitter for Android

Earlier this week, Twitter took the Android world by storm with the release of an officially branded Twitter app. Though the Android Market is flooded with 3rd party Twitter apps, the official app promises to change the way we think of mobile tweeting, and it delivers. Because most Twitter applications offer the same ... Read More »

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May 04 AT 10:51 PM Eric Weiss 16 Comments

Mint.com: Save your green while on the go

Mint.com is one of the best tools for keeping track of your finances online but using the site on your phone has not been easy. It makes use of many internet technologies that bring the standard Android Browser to a crawl (and throws up several warnings and error messages), hardly handy for checking your balance when you are out on the town. Now, Mint.com has finally released an Android app.