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Mar 06 AT 4:37 PM Taylor Wimberly 52 Comments

New Samsung devices will offer best in class GPU performance, faster than iPad HD?

Several months ago it looked like Samsung would unveil their 2012 flagship products at Mobile World Congress, but then the Korean company decided to hold off. Now Samsung has said they will announce the successor to the Galaxy S II (and maybe the rumored Galaxy Tab 11.6) sometime in the first ... Read More »


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Oct 25 AT 10:11 PM Taylor Wimberly 19 Comments

Will NVIDIA’s $2 billion dollar bet on Tegra pay off next year?

How do you measure success in the mobile application processor business? NVIDIA recently revealed that their Tegra 2 processor accounts for 70% of the non-iPad tablet market, but it cost them $2 billion dollars to get there and Android tablets haven’t been exactly flying off the shelves yet (until recently).

Company CEO Jen-Hsun ... Read More »

Jen-Hsun Huang Image via: Asa Mathat