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Jan 17 AT 3:44 PM Edgar Cervantes 69 Comments

Samsung promises full day of battery life for 2012 smartphones

One of the biggest concerns for Android users is battery life. We’ve taken many routes to make our devices last as long as possible. Viable options include carrying charging accessories, external battery chargers, use of multiple batteries and extended batteries (usually bulky). Wouldn’t it be nice if our phones could just last us all day? ... Read More »

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Nov 15 AT 5:48 PM Dustin Earley 44 Comments

New Li-ion battery technology offers 10x battery life and faster charge times

As smartphone internals like processors and graphics chips continue to evolve, they become more efficient with each generation. However, battery technology has started to slow down when it comes to the lithium-ion juice inside smartphones. The only way battery life has been extended in phones recently is due to power consumption advancements in other hardware. But thanks ... Read More »

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