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Mar 05 AT 12:03 AM Dima Aryeh 9 Comments

Samsung removed benchmark-boosting code from KitKat updates for Galaxy S4 and Note 3

If you were to look back about a year, the Samsung Galaxy S4 was just coming out into reviewers hands. Though the device had almost identical specifications to many other flagships of other makes, the Galaxy S4 benchmarked a bit better. This was later found to be code put in by Samsung to force the ... Read More »


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Apr 30 AT 2:37 PM Dustin Earley 9 Comments

Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 announced and benchmarked

If you thought Samsung was done announcing products for a moment after the Galaxy S 4, think again. This week, Samsung unveiled the next entry in their budget-friendly 7-inch tablet line: the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Compared to previous models the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 looks thoroughly disappointing, at least on paper. The product information ... Read More »

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