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May 11 AT 5:54 PM Sean Riley 32 Comments

Droid does tablets: Verizon working on iPad competitor

Verizon Wireless CEO, Lowell McAdam confirmed in an interview today that they are working on an Android powered tablet computer with Google.

Google and Verizon have certainly had a lucrative partnership with Android thus far and Verizon’s advertising for the Motorola Droid is all the average consumer knows of the Android platform. Beyond ... Read More »

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May 03 AT 4:28 PM Sean Riley 27 Comments

Mobile Spy delivers an app for those that like to watch

Retina-X Studios´╗┐ studios announced an update to their Mobile Spy software today which now offers a complete monitoring solution geared towards parents and employers.

Previously the service (which costs $100 a year) offered the ability to remotely monitor call, SMS, browser and GPS logging.

Apparently that level of observation just wasn’t cutting it as the ... Read More »