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Jul 06 AT 5:14 PM Alberto Vildosola 38 Comments

While Microsoft chases Android OEMs, Google is about to own 40% of the US smartphone market

Are you ready for your weekly dose of Android growth news? You better be, ’cause comScore is back with its smartphone market report. And guess what? Android’s still growing. Also in the “doing good” section, Apple’s iOS keeps widening the gap between itself and RIM’s Blackberry. That’s pretty much all the good news; ... Read More »

Jun 21 AT 9:42 AM Alberto Vildosola 48 Comments

Android and its blitzkrieg strategy are about to overrun Blackberry, kill RIM in the process

On September 1st, 1939, World War II began with the German army invading Poland. A year later, Germany controlled most of Western Europe. The nation’s blitzkrieg (lightning war) strategy deeply influenced the way in which Germany was able to take over so many countries in so little time.

Wikipedia describes blitzkrieg as a ... Read More »

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