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Aug 18 AT 7:19 AM Nick Gray 0 Comments

Thonet & Vander Kürbis Bluetooth speaker review

Finding a decent Bluetooth speaker is pretty easy these days. Walk into Best Buy, Target or any large retailer and you’re presented with dozens of options that range from $15 to $300. The problem is that most Bluetooth speakers, even the good ones, don’t offer a fully immersive audio experience due to the left and right channels ... Read More »

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Aug 08 AT 6:18 PM Sean Riley 4 Comments

Review: Cambridge Audio Minx Go Bluetooth Speaker

The wireless speaker market is divided between traditional tech companies branching into audio and traditional audio companies branching into tech. For most audiophiles the latter group will seem the safer bet as they can feel comfortable that these familiar brands are unlikely to stray from their successful formula with the addition of wireless connectivity.

In ... Read More »