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Aug 11 AT 5:25 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Motorola begins selling new Moto Hint earbud

The new model of the Moto Hint has finally gone up for sale on Motorola’s website, and we finally get to see how it differentiates itself from the previous model. The Hint is a tiny Bluetooth earbud with a few twists, making it a great buy for someone who needs a Bluetooth earpiece.

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Motorola Moto Hint

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NYNE Aqua submersible Bluetooth speaker review

Bluetooth speakers today are a dime a dozen, and submersible speakers are no different. Remember all of those waterproof speakers shown off in the Sharper Image and in-plane catalogs? But like with speakers in general, finding a good submersible speaker isn’t easy. So how does the NYNE Aqua, a submersible speaker that isn’t exactly cheap, ... Read More »

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