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Dec 19 AT 3:14 PM Sean Riley 1 Comment

Pyle ventures into connected health with Bluetooth Fitness Scale, available today for $59.99

We’ve seen connected scales rising in popularity over the last few years as people increasingly look to quantify their diet and exercise. The less resistance in tracking that information the more likely you are to continue with it. And a scale that wirelessly passes your information to your devices streamlines the process quite a bit.

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Aug 31 AT 9:43 AM Taylor Wimberly 8 Comments

Withings reveals new Wireless Scale WS-30 with Bluetooth

Today at IFA 2012 Withings unveiled their second generation wireless scale, which now includes Bluetooth connectivity in addition to WiFi. Thanks to the enhanced connectivity, you no longer need a PC to setup the scale, just a smartphone or tablet.

Like the original, the new Wireless Scale WS-30 measures weight and BMI data. New ... Read More »


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Jul 19 AT 5:39 PM Taylor Wimberly 64 Comments

Sony Smartwatch review

Over the last couple of years I have desired a smartwatch, but I have yet to find one that had style and delivered all the features I needed. Sony’s LiveView accessory got me excited a couple of years ago, but the early reviews said it had some issues and didn’t live up to people’s expectations. ... Read More »