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Jul 19 AT 5:39 PM Taylor Wimberly 63 Comments

Sony Smartwatch review

Over the last couple of years I have desired a smartwatch, but I have yet to find one that had style and delivered all the features I needed. Sony’s LiveView accessory got me excited a couple of years ago, but the early reviews said it had some issues and didn’t live up to people’s expectations. ... Read More »

Aug 10 AT 1:24 PM Dustin Earley 14 Comments

Logitech releases Bluetooth keyboard, keyboard dock for Galaxy Tab 10.1

Logitech, the company behind the Google TV Revue and the tablet mouse, has just released two new keyboards made specifically for pairing with Android tablets.

The first keyboard is connected by Bluetooth and is made to be paired with any Honeycomb tablet on the market. It comes complete with compact keys for a ... Read More »

Logitech Tablet Keyboard

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