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Oct 29 AT 5:05 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Google plans to fold Chrome OS into Android

Mobile is the future, and Google has pursued both Android and Chrome OS as mobile platforms for a while now. Chromebooks still haven’t been doing well, accounting for 3% of all PCs purchased, but Android has been excelling. The strategy of using a platform for apps seems to be working a lot better than bringing ... Read More »

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Jan 13 AT 2:01 PM Evan Selleck 1 Comment

HTC Internet now available in the Google Play store for your browsing pleasure

HTC has been more than willing to release some of its more popular apps into the Google Play store as stand-alone services, and the trend continues with its traditionally built-in browser.

On Tuesday, January 13, HTC officially made its proprietary browser available to download through the Google Play store. The app itself is called “Read More »


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