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Jul 29 AT 4:46 PM Nick Sarafolean 5 Comments

Android’s fake ID security issue and what it means for you

Android has a dangerous new security flaw that could allow malicious apps to gain access to things on your phone that you never intended them to. BlueBox security firm released its new findings today, showing a way that hackers could get into┬áto your phone by impersonating a trusted app. We hear about security issues all ... Read More »

hacker Image via: altemark with Creative Commons
Mar 25 AT 2:19 PM Dima Aryeh 24 Comments

Android 4.4.3 spotted in the wild, coming soon to fix battery draining camera bug

Android 4.4.2 may have fixed a few bugs on Android devices when released, but it introduced its own. The battery draining camera bug has hit a significant amount of people, killing batteries far faster than before, and all this time we’ve been without an official fix. But if this information is correct, we may be ... Read More »

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