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May 04 AT 4:00 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

Sony camera sensor demand exceeding supply

It’s no secret that Sony camera sensors are sought after. Every major smartphone has one, whether it’s the Galaxy S6, iPhone 6, or many others. Even the smaller companies are trying to get Sony sensors in all their devices. Unfortunately, it seems that Sony has too much demand on its hands.

It is said ... Read More »

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Nov 17 AT 9:43 AM Dustin Earley 9 Comments

One Wallet to rule them all: Google Checkout now Google Wallet

In a move to further unify and consolidate their services, Google has announced that they are officially transitioning Google Checkout to Google Wallet.

From here on out, YouTube, Google+ Games, the Android Market and any other Google sites will use Google Wallet instead of Checkout. For other business partners still using Checkout, payments made with ... Read More »


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Oct 20 AT 3:39 PM Dustin Earley 4 Comments

Sprint’s Motorola Admiral brings Direct Connect up to speed; available October 23 for $99

Sprint and Motorola have just announced their latest business oriented Android smartphone, the Motorola Admiral.

At first glance, you might think the Motorola Admiral is just another BlackBerry-esque Android with a front-facing QWERTY and display on the small side. But there’s more to the Admiral than that. For starters, the Admiral finally brings Sprint’s legendary ... Read More »