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Oct 20 AT 3:39 PM Dustin Earley 4 Comments

Sprint’s Motorola Admiral brings Direct Connect up to speed; available October 23 for $99

Sprint and Motorola have just announced their latest business oriented Android smartphone, the Motorola Admiral.

At first glance, you might think the Motorola Admiral is just another BlackBerry-esque Android with a front-facing QWERTY and display on the small side. But there’s more to the Admiral than that. For starters, the Admiral finally brings Sprint’s legendary ... Read More »

Oct 10 AT 2:21 PM Anthony Domanico 22 Comments

AT&T’s new Toggle service freaks me out

AT&T has announced Toggle, an application that allows smartphone and tablet owners to quickly switch between business and personal modes with a simple tap of the finger on Android 2.2+ devices. Personal and Work modes are defined as follows:

Personal Mode: Allows users to use their phones as they normally would, including the ability to ... Read More »


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