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Aug 01 AT 2:19 PM Edgar Cervantes 32 Comments

Android has almost 50% world smartphone market share, iOS bumped to second place

Watching Android evolve since the release of the T-Mobile G1 has definitely been exciting. Everyone knew it had great potential. And Google has worked diligently to improve the Android experience. The smartphone market is in the middle of an explosion, causing a great deal of competition among operating systems and manufacturers. That little ... Read More »

Nov 01 AT 5:56 PM Nick Gray 23 Comments

Android becomes #1 smartphone OS, Q3 numbers 1,309% higher than last year

If you haven’t heard, the Android OS is pretty popular these days.  Both the NPD and Canalys have released their Q3 numbers, which paint a pretty picture for our favorite green mascot.  Some of us were expecting Android’s unprecedented growth to slow down just a bit after the huge numbers posted in Q2, but that ... Read More »

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