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Jun 25 AT 1:03 PM Dima Aryeh 8 Comments

Google announces Android Auto, a new in-car system that uses your Android phone

In-car entertainment systems are known to be subpar compared to the smartphone in your pocket. Not only are they often slower and more poorly designed, but they’re far more expensive too. Google is looking to change that with Android Auto, the companies newly announced in-car system that will rely on your phone.

This system ... Read More »

Android AUto

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Apr 04 AT 6:00 PM Dima Aryeh 10 Comments

Automatic app comes to Android, will help you drive efficiently if you buy $99.99 hardware

Every vehicle since 1996 has featured the standardized OBD II diagnostics port, at least here in the US. This port offers amazing functionality that can improve your life as a home mechanic significantly. But other than the mechanic or DIYer, the port didn’t really serve the regular user. The Automatic app aims to change that. ... Read More »

Automatic app
Aug 10 AT 6:55 PM Anthony Domanico 12 Comments

GEICO releases Insurance Glovebox app for Android

GEICO announced today the release of their Insurance Glovebox application for the Android Platform. The Insurance Glovebox application provides users the ability to get an instant insurance quote, pay your GEICO bill, and view your insurance cards.

Once you find yourself in an accident (hopefully never), you can use your phone’s camera to take pictures and submit ... Read More »