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Oct 01 AT 4:58 PM Dima Aryeh 0 Comments

T-Mobile CEO responds to data breach at Experian

If you’re not aware, Experian had a serious data breach which has compromised the personal information of some T-Mobile customers. More specifically, the intruder had access to the info of those who applied for T-Mobile postpaid services between September 1 of 2013 and September 16 of 2015. While credit card info was not stolen, identifying ... Read More »

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Mar 31 AT 3:06 PM Dima Aryeh 1 Comment

LG G2 mini coming to Sprint in the future

The LG G2 is a pretty awesome device if you’re a fan of big phones. There a lot of people that prefer smaller handsets, though, and the smartphone industry has not been very accommodating to them lately. Most “mini” devices have been underpowered, mid-range smartphones with a shell that happens to look like the full-size ... Read More »

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