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Mar 27 AT 5:38 PM Dima Aryeh 6 Comments

South Korean carriers start selling Samsung Galaxy S5 early due to April sales bans

The Samsung Galaxy S5 isn’t set to launch for another two weeks, but that isn’t stopping South Korean carriers from selling the device. Allegedly, the carriers are selling the flagships against Samsung’s will before the launch even happens. This is the carrier’s way of avoiding the upcoming April ban, making some money and some customers ... Read More »

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Sep 19 AT 1:59 PM Dustin Earley 65 Comments

Republic Wireless wants to help pay for your Moto X, and charge you $5 a month for service

Republic Wireless has been around for awhile now in cell phone industry time, trying to make a dent in big carrier policies by offering cheap handsets with even cheaper plans. They’ve yet to see a whole lot of success thus far, but now they’re really upping the ante.

Announced today on their community blog, come ... Read More »

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Nov 08 AT 5:20 PM Dustin Earley 10 Comments

Verizon to finish LTE buildout by mid-2013

First out of the gate and continuing with an aggressive buildout schedule, Verizon undoubtedly has the most comprehensive LTE network in the United States. While competitors like AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile struggle to make LTE available to the masses, Verizon will finish its LTE network deployment by mid-2013, a full six months ahead of the ... Read More »

Jun 04 AT 2:15 PM Dustin Earley 89 Comments

One Galaxy S III to rule them all

To say the US launch of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy S II didn’t exactly go off without a hitch would be an understatement. Thinking back on both devices brings back memories of unexplained delays, terrible names, and more design changes than you can shake a stick at. Fortunately, this time around, things seem ... Read More »