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Feb 13 AT 1:54 PM Dima Aryeh 6 Comments

Dennis Woodside leaves Motorola for Dropbox

In the short time that Google has owned Motorola, Dennis Woodside has been the one behind the wheel. It was under his supervision that the Moto X and Moto G, two very innovative and fantastic devices, were created. In interviews, he divulged plans for even more customizable hardware and a $50 Android smartphone, pushing Motorola ... Read More »

Jan 27 AT 12:26 PM Edgar Cervantes 52 Comments

RIM CEO talks about Android, needs a reality check

RIM’s success has been declining since the iOS and Android operating systems started skyrocketing. Currently, Blackberry devices hold a dismal position in distribution charts, and Research in Motion is in desperate need of rescue. In an attempt to seek a newer approach, past co-CEO’s have gotten off their thrones, and allowed ... Read More »

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