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Dec 19 AT 3:35 PM Taylor Wimberly 60 Comments

Galaxy Nexus owners complain about signal strength, Verizon says a fix is being developed

When any high-profile smartphone finally hits the market you expect it to receive a few critical complaints and the Galaxy Nexus is no exception. Over the weekend several Verizon Wireless customers began to complain about signal strength issues on their new Galaxy Nexus. We haven’t experienced any 4G LTE problems with our Galaxy Nexus phones ... Read More »

Jul 18 AT 11:31 AM Anthony Domanico 68 Comments

The Complaint Department: Honeycomb and the Tablet Wars

It’s Monday, boys and girls, and you know what that means. The complaint department is back in session! In the crosshairs this week? Our favorite tablet operating system: Honeycomb.

It’s no surprise Apple is winning the tablet wars at the moment. Tablet sales are dominated by Apple’s iPad series, with the plethora of Android tablets ... Read More »

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