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Sep 19 AT 2:50 PM Dustin Earley 33 Comments

It’s time for a bit of Android house cleaning

When Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich first launched, I was ecstatic to see the changes Google had made to Android. For practically the first time ever, Android was absolutely beautiful. Since then, Google has tweaked Android into a mature, well-designed, powerhouse operating system. So what’s next for Android in the UI department? It’s time to ... Read More »

android 4.4 concept ui

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Jan 15 AT 3:58 PM Dustin Earley 53 Comments

Google Time concept is simply gorgeous

Wearable computing is just starting to take the consumer technology market by storm, with watches already rising to the top as the go to device for experimenting with the trend. We know Google has an interest in wearable computing with Glass, but watches seem like a much more accessible product. So what would a Google ... Read More »

Google time concept