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Feb 03 AT 10:42 AM Anthony Domanico 26 Comments

Samsung and Corning announce joint venture, Lotus Glass coming to future Galaxy devices

The super scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass quickly became the gold standard for Android smartphones when it debuted over a year ago. Gorilla Glass made it so that it was okay if you happened to throw your phone in the same pocket as your keys, pens, or a tomahawk.

Samsung and Corning have ... Read More »

lotus Image via: George Lu with Creative Commons
Jan 06 AT 2:58 PM Edgar Cervantes 18 Comments

Corning to bring Gorilla Glass 2 to CES, ready for thinner devices and larger displays

There are many fortified display options out there, but when it comes to Android devices Corning Gorilla Glass is definitely the most popular. Whether this glass is better, or it is just brand loyalty, there is no doubt that the addition of Gorilla Glass makes users feel much more confident. Next year looks to be ... Read More »


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Oct 27 AT 4:44 PM Dustin Earley 21 Comments

Move over Gorilla Glass, Lotus Glass is Corning’s new pride and joy

Corning Gorilla Glass has quickly become the standard in durable smartphone displays. There are other types of fortified glass out there, but Gorilla Glass has practically become a household name. It’s currently being used in hundreds of products by manufacturers all over the world. Unfortunately, Gorilla Glass isn’t for everyone. Not because of pricing or ... Read More »