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Jul 01 AT 1:36 PM Dima Aryeh 1 Comment

Moto Maker comes to Germany

Moto Maker has slowly been rolling out to various countries of the world, bringing custom devices to those who want them. First available here in the US, Moto Maker allows you to customize a device (currently only the Moto X) by changing various aspects, like color and finish. The latest country to get Moto Maker is Germany.

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Moto X Touchless Control
May 19 AT 7:36 AM Brooks Barnard 15 Comments

Apply icon packs to your stock launcher sans root with Beautiful Icon Styler

Yep, you read that right. There is now an app that will let you apply themes to your phone that’s a stock launcher, and you don’t even need to void the warranty on your device to do it. What’s a launcher, you ask? When you use your phone on the home screen or app drawer you are ... Read More »

Beautiful Icon Styler

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