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Aug 26 AT 1:01 PM Dima Aryeh 8 Comments

Verizon to launch VoLTE in coming weeks

Smartphones may be able to do pretty much anything, but cellular phones originated for a very specific purpose: mobile voice communication. That’s funny because it’s a huge weakness of every cellphone out there. No matter what network you’re on, call quality is pretty crap these days compared to a Skype chat on a subpar Internet connection.

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May 14 AT 3:35 PM Alex Wagner 4 Comments

Straight Talk’s $45 plan now offers 3GB of high-speed data

Who loves more wireless data? I’m betting that most smartphone owners do, and today anyone that’s already on Straight Talk or is considering jumping to the prepaid provider are getting some good news on that subject.

Straight Talk has announced that it’s upping the high-speed data allotment of its $45 prepaid plan. ... Read More »


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