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Dec 19 AT 4:46 PM Anthony Domanico 132 Comments

Breaking: AT&T ends its bid to acquire T-Mobile USA

AT&T issued a statement this afternoon announcing that AT&T and Deutsche Telekom have agreed to drop the merger bid, which had come under heavy scrutiny from the U.S. Government. AT&T and T-Mobile USA will agree to a roaming deal which will allow their phones to work on each other’s networks. In an official statement, AT&T ... Read More »


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Sep 14 AT 9:53 AM Anthony Domanico 23 Comments

Chicago Tribune supports AT&T/T-Mobile merger, calls DOJ’s antitrust suit an “unnecessary mess”

The Chicago Tribune is fully embracing the proposed merger between AT&T and T-Mobile USA. In an editorial published on Monday, the Tribune scorned the Department of Justice for filing an antitrust suit against the deal, stating the move was an unnecessary mess.

The Tribune offers two main arguments for why the proposed deal between AT&T ... Read More »