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Sep 09 AT 3:00 PM Dima Aryeh 8 Comments

LG G Watch goes on sale, only $179

We’re sure you’ve heard of the Apple Watch by now. Yes, Apple has just announced its own smart watch, and it looks quite a bit like an LG G Watch (you can argue which looks better in the comments). However, with a far away release date and a crazy price tag of $350, it seems ... Read More »

LG G Watch price drop
Feb 17 AT 2:37 PM Dima Aryeh 3 Comments

Moto X sale extended, $70 off until February 22

Motorola has offered so many Moto X discounts that the device seems to be under a perpetual sale, and with each new promotion, the drop in price gets larger. The Moto X debuted at over $550 off contract, but now many of us are getting it for as little as $300. The recent Valentine’s Day ... Read More »

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