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Oct 17 AT 1:48 PM Taylor Wimberly 7 Comments

Easily make your Android phone look like Ice Cream Sandwich with these free apps

Want to trick your friends into thinking your Android phone has already received the Ice Cream Sandwich update? All it takes is a couple free apps and several minutes of your spare time. Android developer kovdev has uploaded some wallpapers from the Galaxy Nexus and an Ice Cream Sandwich ... Read More »


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Aug 09 AT 2:56 PM Anthony Domanico 44 Comments

Facebook launches Facebook Messenger to simplify mobile messaging

Facebook has just announced the release of Facebook Messenger, a new application for Android devices that aims to simplify and quicken the exchange of messages between you and Facebook friends or individuals in your phone’s contact list.

Facebook Messenger is essentially an alternative SMS application that attempts to differentiate itself by adding integration with the ... Read More »

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