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Sep 13 AT 10:20 AM Anthony Domanico 29 Comments

Facebook updated to version 1.7

Though Facebook is widely considered to be the red-headed stepchild in the Android community now that Google has launched a social network of their own, the service continues to grow at a baffling rate. It now claims over 850 million users. Facebook’s Android application has been fairly uninspired and most updates to date have ... Read More »


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Jul 19 AT 4:49 PM Edgar Cervantes 7 Comments

Friendcaster receives major update, now a full-on Facebook app for Honeycomb

Everyone and their mother uses Facebook (literally), including tablet owners. The official Facebook app is not optimized for Honeycomb devices, though, and tablet users have resorted to third-party Facebook apps for their day-to-day networking. Friendcaster Tab is the first Facebook app to be tablet-optimized, but the fact is it left much to be desired. Many ... Read More »