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Jun 05 AT 7:13 AM Nick Sarafolean 6 Comments

Possible NVIDIA SHIELD 2 passes through FCC

The NVIDIA SHIELD is coming up on its first birthday and, while its still a great device, it’s about due for a refresh. Fortunately, it appears that one is on the way as a new NVIDIA product resembling the SHIELD has just passed through the FCC. The P2570 can be seen in a render looking like a very ... Read More »

NVIDIA Shield 2

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Jan 24 AT 10:08 AM Dustin Earley 80 Comments

Is Google experimenting with building a wireless network?

Google is not afraid to be disruptive. They’ve proved it time and time again with services like Google Voice, software like Android and most recently, with Google Fiber; Google’s experiment in being an Internet and television provider that threatens to turn an entire industry on its head. So what’s next? How about a wireless network?

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google-sim-card Image via: Robert Scoble with Creative Commons