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Jan 25 AT 12:30 PM Nick Sarafolean 22 Comments

What sets Android apart?

In order to make something great, it has to have something that sets it apart. In the tech world, this definitely holds true. With a Nexus phone, it’s the software. With a Galaxy Note device, it’s the size and specialized features. So what is Android’s stand-out feature?

Flexibility. When it comes to operating systems, there’s ... Read More »

Android 4.4 Kitkat
May 11 AT 8:33 PM Justin Shapcott 16 Comments

A developer’s look at the new Android Market features announced at I/O

Today, Google’s Eric Chu announced a number of new features available now (or soon, in some cases) in the Android Market. While many of these changes come in the form of user features, I believe that their true value lies in their benefit to developers. Accordingly, I’d like to take this opportunity to look at ... Read More »

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