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Jan 16 AT 7:26 PM Dima Aryeh 8 Comments

LG G Flex develops bumps on display after frequent flexing

The LG G Flex is the first widely released smartphone with a true flexible display instead of just curved glass. The whole device has the ability to flex under pressure, to the point of becoming totally flat. This is a great way to prevent damage (especially when sitting on the phone), but since flexible displays ... Read More »

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Jan 09 AT 5:12 PM Dustin Earley 32 Comments

Samsung demoes flexible OLED prototype device

Now that smartphone manufacturers have mastered multi-core processors capable of handling the most intense of computing tasks, camera sensors that rival $300 point-and-shoots, massive full HD displays that look like vibrant, glowing printed paper and radio technology that provides handhelds with faster data speeds than home connections, what’s next? Samsung is putting their money on ... Read More »